For more on adam's story please visit  here

For more on adam's story please visit here

atelieraL is a design workshop focused on a broad range of activities relating to the shaping of our built environment. Our office brings together skills in applied design research, urban design strategy, architecture and place making with a detailed understanding of how the physical fabric of cities can be enhanced by an innovative collaborative process.

Our practice spans the fields of architecture, urban design, public art, installation art, multi-media performance, digital media and print. To facilitate this, we collaborate with engineering disciplines, policymakers, scientists, manufacturers, designers and other specialists as determined by each unique project.

atelieraL is a laboratory operating between the borders of the disciplines that inform it.

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About adam

adam Lanman’s work blurs boundaries between the fields of architecture, design, fashion, art and installation. His work has been published in books by Kendall-Hunt and McGraw-Hill as well as multiple journals such as Contract Magazine, Art Focus, Non-Doc and Crit Magazine. Lanman has exhibited work both nationally and internationally and has presented work at ACSA, ASID and AIA conferences across the US. He has taught, lectured and served as design critic at Cornell University, The University of Oklahoma, Texas Tech University, Kansas State University, Oklahoma State University and the University of Arkansas.

Prior to founding atelieraL in 2016 Lanman worked with national and international award-winning architecture and design practices where he gained experience across all sectors of the construction industry.  Through his practice at atelieraL Lanman has focused on intervention based urban and architectural projects exploring how small scale tactical design can affect large scale changes throughout any given cultural landscape.

Lanman's long range plan in Public Interest Design and exploring how architecture, design and fabrication can affect positive change in social, economic and cultural arenas was launched in 2018 with the opening of SPAARC  (SPace for Art and ARChitecture) in the heart of the Paseo Arts District in Oklahoma City. Lanman holds degrees in microbiology and architecture cummulating with a Masters of Architecture from Cornell University.