atelieraL specializes in the conceptualization of projects, objects, systems or measurable human interactions through an intense and holistic design process. Our practice spans the fields of architecture, urban design, public art, installation art, multi-media performance, digital media and print.

Rather than imposing a concept onto a given design problem our focus is the identification of critical factors unique to each site, project, brief or client. Our design process begins with strategy. It is through the intense exploration of that strategy that a solution, uniquely suited to each design problem, is developed, refined and packaged

atelieraL collaborates with municipalities, planners, sociologists, scientists, architects, engineers, researchers, theorists, artists and craftsman in the development of our projects. We do not dwell in a vacuum. Our design process reflects a globalized community and connected public realm. Our projects strive represent the individuals and communities for which they are created.


atelieraL utilizes geometric computing applications, parametric design softwares and a construction-aware design process to explore the potential for constructed works. 

We develop in house documentation of design projects in the form of construction documents, shop drawings and/or design diagrammatics specialized to the given parameters of a design solution. We work closely with outside disciplines in the development of these production tools. Clarity, consistency, and adaptability are critical factors in the final product of our production process. 

From working drawings to physical and three dimensional models to print or web based media the production process is for us equally as important as any design solution. The proper instruments of design are the vehicle through which a design solution can achieve its full potential. 


atelieraL is constantly researching and indexing products and materials from across the globe. We are critically aware of a final product from the beginning of the design process. In our workshop we strive to understand every detail of our projects by frequently producing models, mock-ups, materials and structural testing tools.

Our in house fabrication capabilities span a wide range of expertise. Additionally, our workshop has long standing and close relationships with fabricators specialized in everything from metals to composite materials.

Whether fabrication is accomplished in house or through one of our partners atelieraL takes great care in the oversight and management of the fabrication process. Foreseeing potential problems and minimizing their effect on the final product and its delivery is a key aspect of this process. 


atelieraL speaks the language of the built environment. We are proud partners with contractors, craftsman and fabricators who have the tools and experience to install projects of any scale and purpose.

Our project delivery model is not complete until the product is fully installed.  This often means tracking and working closely with stakeholders in order achieve a projects final placement. Construction administration includes field coordination and changes, design adjustments to unseen parameters and final review and punch listing of installed projects.

Perfection can never truly be attained, however it is a goal worth striving for.  We are passionate about the projects we pursue.